Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today so far...

Today I woke up early. I think that's because I was up late. Then I listened to a talk back radio station for a few seconds and said to myself: "Why the fuck am I listening to this shit?"  Igot out of bed and watched some of my Charles Mingus DVD whilst having a shave. After having a shower I went to my Alexander Technique lesson and Michael Stenning (my teacher) told me about his adventurous trip to Antarctica. Then I got a croissant and vanilla malt milk for breakfast. 

I went to UNI and wrote some circus music and surfed the net for a while. Dave Goodman called me during my time in the library and we talk about rehearsing a band (and I think there were some Star Wars impersonations in there as well). Then I played some pianoin the band room (there is a grand piano there) for a while but my back started to hurt and I wasn't feeling focused so I stopped.   

Now I'm listening to Britany Spears and thinking about writing up some more circus music. I think I'll get a big Mac for lunch. Maybe I should be spending more time learning jazz standards and practicing form music instead of writing and thinking about my own band. I don't feel so keen on doing other peoples things and since arriving at the institution I've not really felt myself. Do I know what's best for me?