Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Heavy - Not Random

Recently I’ve been listening to the album “The complete ‘Is’ Sessions” by Chick Corea. It’s really free avant-garde music with a lot of really thick (textually) group improvisation sections. Some parts are really busy and chaotic, even to my ears. But I understand that it is a way of improvising and there is still interaction between the players. This improvisation seems to be the logical extension of jazz improvisation and interaction. As in the more traditional jazz this avant-garde improvisation has different instrument performing different roles to create the overall sound. They also interact by responding to each other, it’s just done in a more subtle way. I like this kind of music because it’s got a lot of meat to it. I can understand how it is musical and logical. For the people who say it’s just a bunch of crazy shit, they can get fucked. Do you think Chick Corea plays free just for the hell of it? I wish more musicians (or even fellow musicians) would be open to styles of music that they aren’t fully acquainted with. Maybe it’s just my youth making me all over eager, but I like really brutal music and ‘The Complete Is Sessions’ is definitely one of those albums that is brutal – not meaningless. I guess some people just don’t get it.

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