Monday, February 8, 2010

Listen to Yourself

Listening back to recordings of myself makes me feel really strange. I’m quite undecided about how to approach it because I usually react in many different ways. Sometimes I wait a while and forget what I played and then listen to it and like it, but then later listen again and not like it. Sometimes I listen to it right away and like it, having not felt good about it whilst playing it. Some things I’ve recorded sound like dog shit to me every time I listen to it. I guess it I should like listening back to myself because it’s my music. After all, I am making music that I like. I guess listening for mistakes (or places for improvement) is something I should do while I’m playing. I really should have an awareness of my weaknesses, but maybe listening back to myself will allow for a deeper insight into what exactly is going on. It may be a way to check wether what I am imagining is what’s coming out.

I have recordings that I did years and years ago and when I listened to them I have no idea how I possibly did it. I think that for a while after recording something it’s best to just sit on it and forget about what you did, and then go back to it. I think if I ever release anything I will have to release it without hearing it because I know that chances are I wouldn’t be happy enough with it. I guess in the end, my music is for me to play and create and other people to listen to. I don’t listen to myself all that much. It’s a strange thing.

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