Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No One Thing Will Make You Good

It gives me the shits how some people say that if you just have great time you will be good. Do you think if you took away Keith Jarrett’s knowledge of harmony, his sense of melody, his touch and tone and ability to interact and just left his great time he would be what he is? No. Everyone who is great has an incredible sense of time (and we all agree this is a very important aspect of music making). But these great musicians also have great harmonic understanding, sound, concept and a whole bunch of other things. I guess we hear people say that one thing is the most important thing a lot in the institution because they are trying to get us to focus on that one thing. Sure, as if we aren’t . As if we aren’t practicing all these little things that are spread across a wide spectrum of all the various things we can practice. Sure, we are still shit. We still sound like shit and can’t play our instruments, but we are working on it - one slow step at a time. Sure, we will never get there. We will always be shit. But that’s ok if we just keep going.

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