Tuesday, February 9, 2010



Recently I’ve been getting into a brother recording of ‘One Down One Up’ by John Coltrane Quartet at the Half Note (with Alan Grant). It’s unreleased and isn’t mastered. It came to me through someone who I have no idea how they got it. The playing is incredible, everyone simply burns the hell out of it, much the same as they do on ‘One Down One Up’ and it sounds half decent as well. It’s just got me to thinking how many amazing recordings there would be out there that aren’t available. How many albums does Blue Note have stored up? How many does the ABC have that are just incredible pieces of music that no one has really ever heard? I also know that a lot of people these days record their tours and never release it. I know there is a recording of the BBC Trio at the Melbourne Jazz Festival 2009 that hasn’t been released and may never be. I also wonder how many of my favourite artists record at home (just on some low-quality gear) to document their playing much the same as I do. I know a lot of artists have recording gear at home these days. What happens to these recordings? Sometimes I like to think there is away into this ‘underground album’ scene. I like to think there is some especially hip shit out there that wasn’t released because it wasn’t commercially profitable but is an absolute gem. But then again, I know there is plenty of great shit out there that is available. It’s just a matter of working out where it is and then getting it. It’s a big enough task working out who is hip and what albums they have done that are hip.

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