Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moments at The Front

Moments at The Front

1. Tweaking (part one) 08:21
2. Constipation anonymous 03:30
3. Tweaking (part two) 08:03
4. The Thinking/Feeling Ratio 23:34
5. Are you George From Andi and George Band? 04:39
6. Fellow Forms of Life 06:35

Shane Spellman – Trumpet
Andrew Fedorovitch – Alto Saxophone
Jono Lake – Drum Set
Alex Masso – Drum set

Improvised live in concert at the Front Cafe Lyneham, Canberra on April the 5th 2010

Recorded by Matt Sykes

Producing and editing by Jono Lake April 10. Masso give small editing advice on April 15 (and Jono agrees).

Mastered by Matt Sykes at his home studio in Nowra on April 23rd and 25th

Artwork concept by Jono Lake. Artwork Layout and design by Thomas Combe.

Pressed by Mad CDs April 28 to May 12. Released on Lakeside Records 13th of May 2010

Contact Jono directly for CDs to be posted out.
Write to: P.O. Box 2336 Bomaderry N.S.W. 2541

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