Friday, June 25, 2010

Listening To Music

Musicians should be able to listen to an entire album with complete devout attention to the sound for the entire album. How else can we expect to play a whole set of improvised (or just interactive) music and actually respond to everything that happens? I can’t really do this without thinking about something else or making a cup of coffee. Concentration is something that takes a long time to develop. Some music can just be background shit. I don’t we need to always devout our entire attention to what’s playing on the radio or CD player. I think that some music should be given attention, but I also think music should command your attention by kind of forcing you into listening to it. Sometimes we hear shit that is just so bland that we can’t really listen to it. When I’m going to a live gig I like to devote as much as I can to listening to the music. I think that doing all this is a good way to open up to how deep music actually is. Sonically speaking, pop music is really quite stunning (John Mayers ‘Continuum’ anyone?) and has a lot in it. Anyways, I’m just saying. I like listening really intensely. I think the more I can do that the better music will be. Farts sound better as well. They offer even more comic relief when you’re fully aware of the depth of the soundwaves. Over and out.

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