Friday, June 25, 2010

The Meaning of Music (part two)

How profound is a life in music? How much more profound is a successful career in music than any other kind of career? There are amazing musicians that have done a lot, but they aren’t changing the world. There are scientists, philosophers and politicians that are changing the world (or already have). There are people that have not done amazing things, but lived a life of meaning (such as the American Dream). But how important is that to the meaning of life? What actually is a ‘high’ life and how far can we go with profundity? How often should we contemplate these kinds of questions? When and where is the time and place for these kinds of discussions and at what point does it become pointless? The imagination of a man, in all its brilliance (or even genius) is nothing without the realisation of these dreams. How does one bring their ambitions into reality? How do we reconcile that we are all limited by the opportunities we have and that we all have a place in the world that is always dwarfed by someone else?

I think that the most profound thing that I can do is in music. I dream of making original music that is beautiful and transfixing. That conclusion in itself gives reason for me to stop contemplating all together and just work on realising that dream. Is there a point at which we decide and conclude? How does a concrete conclusion leave flexibility for failure? I think perhaps as usual I will conclude with the answer that it’s all about balance. That’s the only real answer that really kind of makes real sense – balance. I think I balance over towards the thinking side of the spectrum more than I like to admit. I think I think too much about thinking. Doing, as plain and simple as that is, is actually something I could do a lot more of. Well I guess I’m in Blog world at the moment so I might as well enjoy it.

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