Monday, June 7, 2010

Patience in Youth

Patience in Youth

I’m gonna be frank for a second. I have a lot of ideas. I really think that there is some good shit transpiring in my brain and I think there could be some great shit coming out. Lakeside Circus is a really cool band. I think there’s a lot of potential in it. I listen to shit loads of CDs and get loads of compositional ideas. I want to make music. I want to make interesting, creative, exciting instrumental music. It’s a bit of a hard one to actually work with though. To think all these things is pretty easy. To actually carry something out like this takes work and persistence.

I want to make real music - music that has nothing to do with regulations or the scene or anything like that. I want to make art and art is the only truth in music. I hear bands that have just done their shit. I just hear their shit, the final product, and I wonder how the fuck they do it. I spend hours on end trying to work out how they do it. I think analysis is a really big thing. I’m into the kind of analysis that builds up to really interesting shit. Like how Eminem has each verse of a song get longer as the song unfolds so that by the time the final chorus comes it’s a release. The same thing happens in metal. I like how Slipknot can write a song like “Disasterpeices” with pretty much just 3 or 4 notes, but when the orchestration is considered there are no two bars the same in the entire song. I like it how in the 1950’s jazz musicians played heads with horns harmonised in unison, then Human Feel write songs like “After the Fact” in 2007 and use the same idea with all these other aspects incorporated as well. Unity in something like that is beyond me. Composers like Tim Berne are doing some really complex shit these days and yet they sound so smooth and logical. I like music that has a vibe or an energy. I want to make music that gets into your bones and shakes up shit.

Being patient is the biggest part of actually going about putting these ideas into practice. Me, being youthful and rebellious and the fucking restless fuck that I am, want to do these things real quick and end up making second-rate versions of good shit. To actually play music and play an instrument with mastery and ease takes a lot of practice. We all know that. Taking the time to really go through it all with a fine comb takes a lot of fine comb time. Somehow I need to learn to suppress my urge to do shit and actually focus on learning it all properly. End of composing rage. You can all go home now.

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