Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Scene

I hate hype. I find it hard to really hear what a musician is actually doing when there’s all this pent up press and talk about them going on. Most of the time, when everyone raves about a musician to me I usually have a harsher judgment of them when forming my opinions. I guess this is just because I’m jealous that everyone is talking about them and not me. But what is cool about hype? What has it got to do with music? A musician walks up on stage with all this confidence and plays this shit and everyone loves it and then walks around the club like they own the place. Am I the only one that is actually listening here? It’s understandable though, I got all bubbly inside when Mr. Mitchell said he had checked out my Myspace tracks. What would you expect I’d do if everyone kissed my ass as much as they kiss Tinky Tinky’s? Plus, the more hype there is about you the more gigs you get (not to say that’s the only way of getting gigs).

I guess everyone has their pride in their craft, and they have worked for that confidence. It’s the only place they actually can be confident in a world full of so many uncertainties. So why not soak it for all it’s worth? I guess I can be a bit cynical. It’s all just what I like and what I don’t. I’m still going to kiss the ass of the musicians I like. But maybe I should be a little more subtle about it. I want to promote the music that I like, but still have people make up their own minds. Press is all about promotion – not reality or forming opinions (at least not for the musicians). Also, an understanding of how appreciating music and not liking it can work with forming your opinion is important. When last at Bennett’s Lane, James Greening said to me about the Drub gig that he could enjoy listening to it but not want to do it and that it’s taken him a long time to get to that point. If it takes a heavy cat like Greening a long time to learn appreciation, what hope do little dipshits like me have? Making music, from my point of view, is about making music. NOT about creating a cult or generating respect from anyone. Only the heaviest cats actually seem to be able to do this in music today.

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