Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Places of Solitude

The new solo album is out now on Lakeside Records.

Places of Solitude

Jono Lake - Solo Piano

1. Chasing a Feeling
2. Stanwell Park
3. Distances
4. Pure
5. Deep (but also healthy) Contemplation
6. Home
7. Moruya Heads

Its really differnt to the first solo album and I'm really happy with the playing and the sound and everything. This time around I was really able to just be myself and let the music flow. On the day of the recording everything just worked out. It was really spontanious and free and I think that makes for a good record.

Recorded by Matt Sykes at the Peter Caramel Building Canberry

Mastered by Oscar Gaona at Studios 301 Sydney.

Pressed by Mad CDs.

Copies can be sent out by post by request. Send your details to jonolake@hotmail.com

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