Monday, May 7, 2012

Pizza Store by Day and Something I Dunno by Night

Hey there blog world! It has been a while. Over the last year or so I have taken pretty well to working in the pizza store to make ends meet. I have actually really got into it and made my way up to store manager. The money is pretty good and the work easy. There are great people that work there and it's always really fun. There is also plenty of time for art and music and other creative things that I do. I have been painting graffiti basically full time for about a year now. The paint does cost money and I like the premium shit so working really has allowed me my full artistic expression in that reguard. My music has been pretty quiet. I recently went to Sydney and had a good talk with some people (like close friends Finn and John) and also Chris Abrahams. We talked about what the simple life of working a job to make money verses the scraping by to make art is like. I think all creative musicans have to suck it up at least some of the time. I think probably every creative musican has trouble making the music they want becuase of money. Then again, there are many other things that can make it hard, like finding the time and place and the people and sometimes just being plain motivated. Some people just decide to make their day job their life and stop making music on the side at all. I guess that's what I've been afraid of. At least working give you stability. It's easy to fall into the simple life. I've started writing music for Lakeside Circus again. The songs are much more simple than they've been in the past buecause I know the members are going to have limited time to commit to the band. I guess that's just how it goes sometimes and it's better to get something happening, even if it's small, than it is to have nothing happening. My plans for the rest of the year is to keep working the pizza store and painting lots and sometimes doing a bit of music. Who knows, mybe we'll do some gigs. I'd like that. But its easy to say that painting has become my primary creative outlet. Later in the year I'l like to visit Melbourne, see some old frineds and paint and see some jazz or modern music of that type of type. Laters

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